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Workforce Development Coaching

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Brand Ambassadors Spirits, Wines, Food, Beverages Cosmetics

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Theme Events

Fundraisers Social Engagements

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We Are Family Enterprises, LLC

Our Philosophy

We Are Family Enterprises LLC (WAFE) 

Professional Innovative Team has strong customer service skills to brand your products. 

Consultant Experience we will help you to create your special event to take your business to a new level, meet your revenue goals and double your profit. 

Workforce Development Coaching helps increase economic development by giving back to the communities. 

Special Theme Events are Joyful! 

WAFE Hopes to build loyalty and value for the communities we serve, our staff, customers, and industry partners.

About Dr. Mary Bell

Dr. Mary Bell is the Founder and CEO of We Are Family Enterprises LLC.  She Is a passionate humanitarian that has a love for giving back to help others. She is a dedicated community leader with over 25 years of experience in business, leadership, sales, and recruitment, focusing on contingent staffing and workforce development. She has served 14 Years as an Arts Council, Commissioner.   


  • Brand Ambassador
  • Spirits, Wines, Food, Beverages  
  • Cosmetics 
  • Theme Events 
  • Workforce Development Coaching

What We Do

WAFE Offers: 

Promotional Branding Services – Brand Ambassadors promote events, spirits, wines, food, beverages and cosmetics. 


Special Events:  We will take your business to the next level.


Community Outreach: Our involvement in the community includes fostering community partnerships, homeless shelter support and providing workforce development coaching. 

We Are Family Enterprises website is dedicated in loving memory of Dr. Bell Parents